Its all possible.

RARE MAKE Movement (formerly RVR3 MAKE) is a community of unique people stepping out of the box causing CHANGE with the gifts they were given. From art, music, film, fashion and anywhere in between, every individual involved with the RARE MAKE Movement is dedicated to being an example that all things are possible with hard work and commitment.

The RVR3 MAKE family moves to Southern California!

RVR3 MAKE was founded in Illinois in the small town of Rockford, IL. With the great support given from the people of not only Rockford but the entire Midwest area, Will Inspire, Jeremy Watkins, Adam AG, and Kevin Metras all decided that moving to a bigger city with more opportunity would be the best decision to grow the RVR3 MAKE movement to heights unimaginable.

Founder/Artist Will Inspire and Founder of LF Online Jeremy Watkins got the journey started early by recently moving this past July and the rest of the team will be following at the end of the 2014 year. 

The support received is amazing and some really cool things are about to happen. Get ready, its going to be awesome ride!


RVR3 MAKE at SXSW 2014

This year at SXSW was amazing! RVR3 MAKE was spotted everywhere throughout the festival. Although of some minor difficulties, the experience was more than a success ! 


Thank you to all those part of it all and welcome to all the new followers! Remember, "ITS ALL POSSIBLE." #RVR3MAKE

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