Its all possible.

RARE MAKE Movement (formerly RVR3 MAKE) is a community of unique people stepping out of the box causing CHANGE with the gifts they were given. From art, music, film, fashion and anywhere in between, every individual involved with the RARE MAKE Movement is dedicated to being an example that all things are possible with hard work and commitment.

Parker Davidson - RARE Shine

Meet Parker Davidson. As simple as it sounds, Parker likes to ride dirt bikes, preferably desert and track. As he puts it, track is fun and all but nothing beats flying through the desert dodging bushes and leaning over the bars and keeping your momentum through the trail.

Parker started riding when he was 3 and never stopped since then. The joy of his riding when getting on the bike and just going flying through the desert and forgetting about everything. Everyone has there own happy place and his is swinginghis leg over his bike in the middle of the desert.

Do one thing everyday that scares you- Kurt caselli


Parker is definitely a RARE Individual! Check out footage of him riding below and follow him on social media @parkerdavidson24 on IG. 


RARE Shine - For the every day RARE individuals.

RARE Shine is a spotlight on a individual that we have identified as being amazing, exclusive, and/or passionate about what they do! Rather it be the number one athlete in your city or your everyday trash can, this section will bring those people to light and allow the world to understand why they are a RARE MAKE. 


To be submitted to be posted on the RARE Shine spotlight, send over a email to rvr3make@gmail.com with a bio of yourself, a picture, and what makes you feel you are a RARE individual. All emails will be reviewed! 

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