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January 01 2017

This is the first music video to be shot with dji osmo from some searches we've done and are proud to present Refill Please. Comment,Like, and Share if you like this video!😎 Follow: @will_inspire Directed by: @adamagofficial www.raremake.com

Message from Will Inspire:

Everything that has happened in the past few years has lead me to create this project where I am literally emptying my pockets full of everything that has been kept in this crazy mind of mine. Its so much to my story and of course it cant be given completely in one project but I think this is a great start. Just like in 2009 when the industry was being introduced to artist like J Cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, etc, this is my "Warm Up", "So Far Gone", "Section80" type introduction. May God take this as far as the ears of the world needs to hear it. Anything great takes time...and yall know this took FOREVER so lets vibe together and push this message through music. 



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